Naruto Crushed Dreams
Welcome to Naruto Crushing Dreams. This rpg is a time skip nearly 200 years into the future after naruto and sasuke. We were born to rise or we were born to fall. Inorder for you to know that you must go on in life on this rpg.

Naruto Crushed Dreams

Our heroes have fallen and so have the villians. We are the new era and as the new era will must bring peace to this world, but as for some all you want to do is see the world suffer. You will either follow in the path of darkness or the path of light.
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Character sheet
Name(Last, First): Uchiha, Satoru
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PostSubject: Satoru Uchiha(WAITING FOR APPROVAL)   Satoru Uchiha(WAITING FOR APPROVAL) Icon_minitimeTue Nov 23, 2010 4:49 pm

General Information:
Name:Uchiha Satoru
Nickname/Alias:The distorted devil
Catch Phrase:There is no such thing as a waste of time

Personality & Description Information
Personality:Well, let's see. A lot of Satoru's personality is based around the fact that he doesn't really have one. He was trained to be emotionless - apparently from a young enough age that he can't even recall how to show emotions properly. It's as though a certain instinct most humans develop has been completely removed from him. He's horribly socially inept, and is only just now trying to learn how to become friends with others. Most of his knowledge comes from books and the poor explanations of his team mates. His lack of emotions also makes it difficult to read others, as even the concept of some emotions is hard for him to understand. He may attempt to give someone he's considering becoming friends with a nickname, but he's at a loss as to how to go about picking one without insulting them.He stills tends to give rather fake smiles when trying to be friendly, but those are being replaced more often with his awkward real smile. (It's actually very similar, as he closes his eyes for both, but his real one has genuine emotion behind it.) He's not exactly outgoing, better at being led into situations that require interaction with others than seeking it out himself.

Personality Traits:EXplained in personality

Likes:Windy nights, Lightning storms, Shishkabobs, Equal matched opponents
Dislikes:Sunny days, Pop, Oranges, people who don't play by the book.

Looks:In avy

Descritpion: A tall semi-lean ninja. Satoru as long brown hair that is very spik. It looks like sharp rocks pointing out from a cliff side. He has thin sharp bangs the come from hsi head passed the bottom of his chin. He wears the traditional Hokage outfit with the hat and everything, but he likes to were these strange powder snow white andals which he adores.

Eye color:Rusty brown
Skin color:Tan
Hair color:charcoal black

Ninja Information

Rank: Hokage

Character Specialty:(Types to choose from: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu,Fuuninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Summoning Jutsu, Medical jutsu)

Element Affinity;
Main: Lightning-Raiton
Fused elements:~

==>Clan information

Name:Uchiha clan
Kekkei Genkai:Sharingan
Clan History:Founding
The Uchiha clan before the founding of Konoha.The Uchiha clan descended from the elder of the two sons entrusted by the Sage of the Six Paths with his power and will. When it came time for the Sage to chose a successor, he questioned the two on what course of action they would follow to bring order to the world. The elder believed that might was the way to bring peace, while the younger believed love was the way. The Sage favored the ideal of the younger brother, and therefore designated the younger as his successor, causing the elder to be filled with jealousy and hatefulness. From the younger boy descended the Senju clan who would be the eternal rivals of the Uchiha.
Before the founding of the ninja villages, the Uchiha were one of the many mercenary clans for hire. Because of their Sharingan, the Uchiha clan came to be known as one of the two strongest clans, the second being the Senju clan. Madara Uchiha was particularly powerful, and, upon attaining the Mangekyō Sharingan, he took control of the clan. Under his leadership the Uchiha grew stronger, conquering whatever clans they came upon, such that, whenever the Uchiha clan was hired for a job, the opposing side would hire the Senju.
The Uchiha clan after the founding of Konoha.
Hashirama Senju, the leader of the Senju clan, grew tired of the endless fighting, and approached the Uchiha clan with a peace treaty. Madara feared that an alliance would lead the Uchiha to ruin, but his clan disagreed, and he was forced to accept. The two clans came together to form Konoha, with Hashirama being selected as Hokage. Madara believed that this was proof that the Uchiha would be made subservient to the Senju, but his clan saw this only as his attempt to rekindle the flames of war. They turned their backs on him, and he defected. Following Madara's betrayal, the Second Hokage gave the Uchiha control of the Konoha Military Police Force as a sign of trust. According to Madara, this was really just a way of keeping the Uchiha in check and out of Konoha's governing affairs. Over the years, some Uchiha, such as Setsuna, have figured out this motive's true meaning, and tried to rebel against the village as Madara did, but they find that it was too little, too late to make a difference, as the Senju had already completely suppressed the Uchiha.Massacre Main article: Uchiha Clan Massacre The end of the Uchiha clan.Decades later, after the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha, Konoha began to suspect that an Uchiha was behind the attack. The Uchiha were relocated to a corner of the village so that they could be more easily monitored. The Uchiha interpreted this as confirmation of what Madara had warned them of years earlier, and began to plan overthrowing the village. One Uchiha, Itachi, disagreed with the coup d'état, and informed Konoha's leadership of what the Uchiha were up to. The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, tried to negotiate for a more peaceful approach. This failed, and to prevent an uprising that would create another war, Itachi was ordered to wipe out the Uchiha. Itachi spared only one Uchiha: his younger brother, Sasuke. Sasuke would spend the next few years trying to avenge their family by killing Itachi, something Itachi had planned for from the very beginning. Once accomplishing this goal, Sasuke learned that Madara was also still alive. Madara told Sasuke about the Uchiha's history and why Itachi had wiped out the Uchiha, prompting Sasuke, with Madara's help, to resolve to destroy Konoha.

Clan Symbol:
- Fan blowing a flame

Kekkei Genkai:The Uchiha were infamous for their highly powerful chakra, exceptionally strong techniques, and natural aptitude for anything combat-related. The clan possessed a proficiency in fire jutsu, having created several and using them more skillfully than any other. Their signature jutsu was the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. Clan members were not recognized as adults by the rest of the clan until they could successfully use this jutsu. The Uchiha were also highly known for their mastery of ninja tools. They themselves invented many shuriken techniques which required the use of thin metal wires, one example being the Windmill Triple Blades technique.
The Uchiha clan were most feared for their powerful Sharingan, a kekkei genkai which gives them the ability to see the "colors" of chakra, allowing them to analyze and copy their opponent's skills, along with a number of other abilities. Only a select few members of the Uchiha clan manifested the Sharingan. Due to their natural affinity for battle, and their proficiency with genjutsu, many ninjas considered it more tactically favorable to flee rather than face an Uchiha shinobi in one-on-one combat. Among the techniques granted by the Sharingan, the Izanagi is deemed to be forbidden, due to it rendering the user blind in exchange for temporarily turning their personal reality into an illusion. Though the clan was feared for their Sharingan, the eyes have also been transplanted into various characters outside the clan.
Madara discovered that, by the death of someone close to you, the Sharingan could be taken to its next level: the Mangekyō Sharingan. It gave the user great power, but slowly deteriorated their eyesight. Only by taking the eyes of a sibling could one's vision be restored. Itachi indicated that the intricacies of the Mangekyō Sharingan were only discovered after years of trial and error, implying that many Uchiha throughout history had made the attempt to gain the Mangekyō Sharingan

Background/Rp Sample
Birth Arc

Sitting on the couch holding her belly as her husband sits next to her, Satoru's mom, Asuna, lounges and relaxes as today is the day satoru is due. Tenma, satoru's dad, Strolled with his wife in the uchiha clan compunds, because that is where they are from, they are uchiha's. He strolled with his wife as she wanted to see what today was being like. She wanted to know if her baby was going to be born on a sad, bad, neutral, or joyful day. Luckily, the sky was gleaming with antencipation, it was bluer than the ocean. The wind smelled of cherry blossoms and was so sweet it made you want to taste the air. As they continue to walk Asuna stopped...satoru was coming. The dad rushed back to the house leaving asuna with her mother real quick. He came back with a wheel chair and sat asuna down in it. He held on to her hand as she held back squeezing hard. They arrived at the hospital and asuna went to her reserved room. The dad was waiting outside of the the room as he heard asuna screaming. He was panicking abit he paced back and forth, back and forth. Eventually the screaming stopped after 13 minutes and cries of a baby were heard. Asuna's mom walked out into the hall where Tenma was and she looked at him with tears in her eye's. These weren't of joy but they were of sadness. Tenma thought that baby had died, but then he heard the baby cry, he looked at his mother in law, asuna's mom, with wide eyes and ran to the room where asuna had satoru. When he looked in the room he saw asuna in the bed eyes closed, not breathing....dead. Sometimes when having a baby there is always a 25% chance of something happening. Either the mom dies, the baby dies, they both die or the both live. Unfortunately for asuna she had to die. Tenma looked at Satoru as if he had murdered his wife, but he got ahold of himself and picked up satoru. He lookd in satoru's eye's, and saw he had a birth defect, The white part of his eyes where a dark blue and the pupil was completely black. After 2 weeks when it was time to take satoru home. Asuna's mom was scheduling a funeral. After entering the home of the once belonged to asuna now belonging to tenma, he looked at satoru and said, "Welcome home, My Distorted demon"
Childhood Arc

4 years after the funeral , satoru's dad was a living wreck. It was like asuna kept the balance and peace the Uchiha clan needed I mean after that mainly everyone stopped talking to eachother. Satoru is now for, and he picks up the emotions of his father. Neutrality. Satoru has never seen different emotions in the real world for the longest of times. He thought the only emotion was neutrality so he has been neutral ever since. I mean everyonce in awhile he would pull of a fake smile but that was a tactic he taught himself, when pulling off a fake smile, the enemy most of the time drops his or her guard giving you the oppurtunity to attack. Anways at a very early age Tenma didn't care one bit for Satoru, making him fend for his self which was fine by him. But then again satoru never learned the jutsu the was unique to the uchiha clan.

Academy Student Arc

3 years later Satoru entered the Academy and was an exsquisent exception to it as he was being chased by girls, he didn't care at all. The boys were getting jealous, but he didn't care on bit. He just wanted to graduate from the academy and become a genin. It was time, in the academy, for everyone to learn the chakra control lesson. It wasn't a hard lesson, well for satoru it wasn't. He performed various hand signs a nailed the lesson like it was nothing. His skills were known all to well and the Hokage wanted to know if satoru wanted to exceed to genin level and join a team. Satoru declined the request, but he gave a suttle yet stern reason on why he didn't want to do that: "I don't want to be given the special treatment, I don't want to take shortcuts, I just want to do it the right way and get it over with". Fair enough i guess but other people were looking at satoru like he was crazy. Even though many of he boys thought he was a demon because of his eyes the girls didn't care on bit they thought it looked sexy on him. As starange as that may seem satoru still didn't care, "Like I said, I just want to get it over with". The first day satoru joined the academy people felt sorry for him because his mother had died, but they then began to realize he was a jerk. Satoru had this saying that was confusing to some and then again understandable "Real eyes realize real lies" it was one of his favorites.
Genin Arc

After graduating from the academy and stepping up to the plate in the shoes of a genin, Satoru completed everything he was required to do. He completed the shadow clone jutsu, he completed the chakra control lesson, he even completed the transformation technique. He learned everything he was required to do as a genin. He then was asigned to his new 3 man cell. His cell consists of Nera Hyuuga, of the hyuuga clan, Bishamon Yamanaka, of the yamanaka clan, himself, and his sensei, Toshirou Yamashita. His team was well suited for him. They made sure whatever comment came out of his mouth, they will send it back with a punch, and the same goes for them. during this time for some strange reason Satoru was growing to be faster and faster. It was proably his mothers chakra that was being pumped in him, because she was the fasted kunoichi in all of the leaf. I guess he takes after his mother. Toushirou took his students to the training grounds and was doing the 2 bell test. Which ever 2 people get the bells first will be able to eat lunch while the other is tied to the tree stump and they have to eat lunch in front of them. The sensei told them to begin and when they did satoru was the only one who moved the fastest out of sight right when toushiro said begin. The other doddled behind him as he hid behind a bush studied the movements of his sensei, went to another sighting, and repeatedly did this non stop until he did is 12th and final sighting. he saw nera who was right behind him following him along with Bishoman. He told them he had a plan. he knew alot abou the clans of konoha and told nera to use her byakugan to see if that was the real him. She looked at the clone and saw there was no difference in his chakra. She said that was the real him. He then told Bishamon to follow behind him and nera as they charge up to him, but when they do you need to be on your toes. Satoru said "When i scream now use your mind transfer jutsu okay" He said okay and the plan was working. Satoru's mind was working like an open book. Nera and Satoru charged at Toushirou sensei and they got close to him when they set off traps he had planted. Ropes grabbed there ankles and sent them flying in a tree, but satoru grabbed a kunai from his pouch and cut the rope, along with nera. They continued to charge as the sensei was about to attack them. Satoru yelled now and both Nera and Satoru ducked as Bishamon used mind transfer jutsu. they took control of their sensei and took the bells. After that the sensei was astonished by his teams actions and wanted them to be in the chuunin exams this year even though they only have been with one another for no more than 4 months.


Chuunin exam Arc
Written Test

After being entered in the chuunin exams, Nera, Bishamon, and Satoru got a pep talk from their sensei. The entered the Chuunin exam room area and were ready to begin. But when they entered they noticed that they were the only ones in the room who were no more than 13 years of age. But they didn't care, that just meanth they where better than them. it was time for the written test to immense and the proctor walked them through the rules. After that they got started and the room was silent. Before hand Satoru looked at the room and saw 5 adult figures, other proctors sitting alongside the wall. They were watching for cheaters and they were also watching for the wrong answers. Anyways 15 minutes into the break ,the questions on the test got harder and harder. Each question is harder than the next which was frustrating. But satoru's team was up for the challenge. You could say that Satoru team was mainly the best strategic team in the whole exam. Satoru and Nera were doing well on the exam but Bishamon was slumping. Bishamon coughed, letting satoru know he was slumping, satoru tapped his pencil letting Bishamon know he could copy of of his paper, and Nera coughed letting them know the coast was clear, because she activated her byakugan right when the test started and she has been keeping her eyes on te proctors and everyone else around her. Performing very secretive handsigns, Bishamon said to himself, "Mind transfer jutsu" he then took hold of Satoru's body and made sure that when he switched bodies he didn't fall. When he switched bodies he made sure that his head would rest on his hands. He looked over satoru's test and analyzed it quickly. he memorized everything on there. Nera tapped her pencil saying someone was looking and Bishamon quickly returned to his body, attacking like nothing had happened. After the full 45 minutes into the exam only 12 groups made it. and Satoru's group was one of those groups.


Chuunin exam Arc
Forest of death

After completing the written exams, they quickly progressed to the forest of death where the only rule was,
"Just don't die". reasonable right. Satoru knew what their prime objective was. After being given the Heaven scroll, nera picked up to rocks and gave one to Bishamon, then they turned it into an identical looking heaven scroll. "just incase we get split up and a team targets on of us who they think has the scroll won't they be wrong" bishamon said. Satoru also took a rock and turned it into an identical heaven scroll even though he had the real one. They went to there assigned gates the proctor told them to go to after receiveing there scroll. When the proctor said go the gates automatically opened and satoru, nera and bishamon ran through the forest with ease. Nera Activated her byakugan while running and she looked around to see if any up coming teams were arriving. She saw one of the teams was coming there way and she told them to get ready becaus they were about to embark in combat. The team that crossed paths withs Satoru's team was from the rain village. They were older and sense they thought cause they were older that they were more powerful but boy where they wrong. The rain village came at them with a needle barrage from all directions, but nera jumped infront of bishamon and satoru and told them to hold on to her as the moment they touched her the felt here chakra flowing in them. The flowing stopped ans he used rotation with satoru and bishamon inside unharmed! The needles feel to the ground and bishamon used a mind disruption on one of the guys attack them. A girl came out fo nowhere and was about ot attack bishamon with a kunai, as she attempted to stab him nera turned around and yelled "Eight trigrams:64 palms" she then recited the number of chakra points she shut off/damaged in the girl from the rain village;"2 palms"...."4 palms"..."8 palms"...."16 palms"..... "32 palms!"...."64 palms!!!" she then blasted the girl back crippling her on the ground. Nera checked the girl for a scroll and saw that she had the earth scroll on her. " We have the scroll" she said as she looked at the other rain guys. Satoru said i'll handle them. he clenched his hands together and said "Arijigoku" suddenly a a mount of earth and mud formed around the rain villagers like a ovalish sphere and took them underground. It then suffocated them. and they died. hours later they arrived to their destination, and opened the scroll.

Chuunin exam Arc

Now time for the semi finals and Toushirou, Satoru's teams sensei. Was quite impressed by his teams teamwork. he wanted to see how they would do in the time of this semifinals. It was quite exceptional to say the least how far they have come in such little time. He knows together they are unbeatable, but he wants to see how they would work apart. It was time for the semifinals to start and the first to go up was Bishamon. Even though it didn't seem like it bishamon had some pretty cool hidden talents that even his clan didn't know, because he made them up himself. The match started and it was harder than bishamon had aniticapted. But it was all good. 15 minutes into the fight and bishamon used a jutsu he mad himself called "Mind Explosion jutsu" he focused all of his chakra in his hands and transfered half of it to his opponents head, making it within seconds explode. Blood went all over the place but Bishamon proceeded on. It was nera's turn and she beat her opponent with the same jutsu she used when going up agaisnt the girl from the rain. hours passed and it was time for the final battle. It was time for Satoru to fight. Satoru went up agaisnt someone from the leaf. This person could possess shadows. It was someone from the naru clan. this battle went one for ever and ever. Satoru was getting worn out but then astrange event occured. Satoru unleashed the wrath of his sharingan. and by the looks of it, it was 3 tomoes. 3 tomoes at the age of 13 and your only a genin that was impressive, but then again Obito uchiha obtained 2 tomoes at the age of 13, so it is known to be possible. Satoru saw all of his opponents movements and was making sure he did not get trapped in the jutsu again. Satoru performed three hand signs and by the time he stopped sharp spears of earth came out of the ground and stabbed the nara clan member to death. he died, or so satoru thought. the nara clan member was just knocked unconcious.


Chuunin exam Arc

The finals started to immense and everyone looked different because the finals were going to start 3 months after the semi's, that is why every looked different, because they haven't seen eachother at all in that time, and they all learned some new jutsu's. After meeting back up with his team, satoru was wanting to get this over with even though the whole entire time he was with his team he has been completely neutral. The finals went by like it was no bodies business. Nera used her new jutsu she learned called "8 trigrams: Air Palms", Bishamon used Mind Derangement Technique, and Satoru used "Chidori Nagishi, and Gian". The all excelled to Chuunins and celebrated the sucess with a part. it was the propers thing to do after all i mean they did work hard for it. The only person who didn't celebrate was Satoru

Jounin Arc

3 years after the chuunins satoru was sent to the hokage's office and said that he was ready to become a jounin. He was ready to become a jounin. She said he had exceptional skills and exceeded the ranks of almost all of her jounin. Satoru except the rank even though i didn't look like he'd care if he didn't get it. After hearing that satoru was named jounin Nera, Bishamon and Toushirou were happy. it was then when the hokage assigned there team on a mission to kill all of the intruders in the fire country. After packing up and what not and training for those 3 years on some new jutsu's after the chuunin's Satoru and the rest were ready to go. Now it was time for them to leave and they rushed off into the forest surrounding the leaf. Toushirou told the group to split in 2, himself and nera will go in one direction and Bishamon and Satoru would go in the other. Perfect strategy, but that is what satoru wanted. Satoru has studied the sharingan and learned some of its levels and phases. They were ambushed but they won the battle, Satoru wasn't engered though but bishamon was. he was hurt badly. Satoru looked at bishamon. Bishamon was stuggling to speak but satoru stabbed him in the heart with a kunai. He stabbed that kunai all the way through until you could only see the handle sticking out. He quickly took the kunai out and then bishamon was dead. He returned to the sighting in which the team had returned to with bishamon in his arms. Nera started to cry and so did Toushirou. They properly made a funeral for him and satoru achieved the mangekyou sharingan for killing someone close to him.

Hokage arc

Years later the ever so courageous, satoru kept the village slighly protected for his own personal gain. Unfortunately the hokage had died and somethign unexpected had happened. Bfore the word spread out Satoru had just now been informed, that o to his hard work and computer like mind, he has been asked by the village elders and council to be the new hokage and lead their village to victory in any up coming wars or invasions. Satoru kept cool. He walked to that council and looked them in the eyes. He told them that he would do it for the village. He sounded so monotone, but you could slightly tell he was somewhat serious, that being said satoru instantly became the new Hokage, but his plans on what he might do with this power is truly a secret.

Rp sample:A blur is all that can be seen by a boy of the name, Keitaro Fuyu. Living in an abandoned nomad land, forced to feed off of scraps and garbage found in a nearby forest is not life for this boy. He is only 14 and ye his life seems closer to its end day in and day out. His mom tries her best to feed the family while the dad abruptly tries not to interfere with them because his life ended long ago... mentally. Its been such a dreary. The only days Keitaro actually likes are those days when the clouds are at their thickest and flood the sky like the ocean floods the earth, and how then the clouds begin to cry. Its then when keitaro realizes he is not alone, the sound of rain helps him see around him partially as he walks to nowhere. For keitaro sunny days are dreadful but at least he knows there is joy in the world.

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Looks good, but you can either just post an image or, make a big description.
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