Naruto Crushed Dreams
Welcome to Naruto Crushing Dreams. This rpg is a time skip nearly 200 years into the future after naruto and sasuke. We were born to rise or we were born to fall. Inorder for you to know that you must go on in life on this rpg.

Naruto Crushed Dreams

Our heroes have fallen and so have the villians. We are the new era and as the new era will must bring peace to this world, but as for some all you want to do is see the world suffer. You will either follow in the path of darkness or the path of light.
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The Five Great Nations

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Konohagakure (木ノ葉隠れの里, Konohagakure no Sato?, lit. "Village Hidden In The Leaves"), also known as Konoha, is the hidden village within the Land of Fire and the primary setting of the series. As the hidden village of one of the Five Great Shinobi Nations, the village is led by a Kage, known as the Hokage. The faces of the first five Hokage are engraved on the rock formation overlooking Konohagakure. At the start of the series, the Third Hokage is the leader of the village. He had abdicated his position in favor of Minato Namikaze, who became the Fourth Hokage, but was forced to reclaim his position after Minato died saving the village from the nine-tailed demon fox. During Part I of the series, Orochimaru leads an invasion of Konohagakure that causes large amounts of property damage to the village and culminates with the murder of the Third Hokage, his former teacher.
Hokage's Office, Ichiryaku Ramen Shop, Beyond Konoha
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Sunagakure (砂隠れの里, Sunagakure no Sato?, lit. "Village Hidden Among Sand" or "Village Hidden in the Sand"), also known as Suna, is one of the five great ninja villages, and as such has a Kage, known as the Kazekage, as its leader. Before the start of the series, the Land of Wind's feudal lord began to reduce Sunagakure's budget, and send mission requests to Konohagakure instead of Sunagakure. This led to Sunagakure forming an alliance with the village of Otogakure in order to attack and destroy Konohagakure, which composes a major portion of Part I of the series.
Kazekage's Office, Puppet Shop
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Located in the land of Water, the Hidden Mist Village is one of the top 5 greatest Shinobi countries. The village's Kage carries the title of Mizukage. Being located in the land of Water, all of their jutsus are based on water techniques. Not much more is known about this village. Although it was commonly referred to by other villages as 'Bloody Mist Village' for its rumored brutality. This is also the village where Zabuza and Haku originated from before they abandoned the land. The training customs of the village were revealed from Zabuza's childhood. The final exam to becoming a genin was different, and much more brutal, from the exam the students in Leaf Village had to take. The Hidden Mist was also the home of the famous Kaguya clan, a clan with Kimimaro Kaguya as its soul survivor.
The Great Naruto Bridge
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Kumogakure (雲隠れの里, Kumogakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden in the Clouds") is the Hidden Village of the Land of Lightning. As one of the five Great Ninja Villages, Kumogakure has a Kage as its leader, known as the Raikage. The ninja from this village seem to specialize in Lightning Release techniques. They also seem to favor the use of Japanese-style swords (or katanas) as standard weapons, instead of the typical kunai that most shinobi wield; and, as a result, most Kumogakure ninjas seem to excel at swordsmanship. The village is located on a high mountain, and is literally hidden in the clouds. The Raikage lives in a large building built into the tallest mountain. Kumogakure, like Iwagakure and Kirigakure, had two tailed beasts in its possession: the Two-Tailed Monster Cat in Yugito Nii, and the Eight-Tailed Giant Ox in Killer Bee.
Raikage's Office, Lost Ruins
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Iwagakure (岩隠れの里, Iwagakure; English TV "Hidden Stone Village"; Literally meaning "Village Hidden in the Rocks") is the hidden village of the Land of Earth. As one of the five great ninja villages, Iwagakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Tsuchikage. Its symbol is made of two rocks, with a smaller one in front of a larger one. The ninja from this village seem to specialize in Earth Release techniques. Iwagakure is well-known for the rock-hard attitude of its shinobi. As soon as the Tsuchikage gives an order, the Iwa-nin do so without hesitating, even if it means death. The Raikage has also accused the current Tsuchikage, Ōnoki, of having employed Akatsuki in the past. The rocky mountain ranges that surround the village and country provide a natural stronghold. The village profits from this advantageous position and is proud of its strong defenses.
Tsuchikage Office, Mountains
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