Naruto Crushed Dreams
Welcome to Naruto Crushing Dreams. This rpg is a time skip nearly 200 years into the future after naruto and sasuke. We were born to rise or we were born to fall. Inorder for you to know that you must go on in life on this rpg.

Naruto Crushed Dreams

Our heroes have fallen and so have the villians. We are the new era and as the new era will must bring peace to this world, but as for some all you want to do is see the world suffer. You will either follow in the path of darkness or the path of light.
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 Konoha Genin Squads

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PostSubject: Konoha Genin Squads   Konoha Genin Squads Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 12:14 pm

The list and things about our squads here;

1) Because there may not always be a kunochi available, teams can consist of any combination of the two genders.

2) A successful team will be created when; A Jounin is available, and three genin without a team are available.

Konoha Squads;

Squad 1 ~
Sensei ~ Nera Hyuuga
Member 1 ~ Cobalt Hyuuga
Member 2 ~ Yugen
Member 3 ~ Deibakuha Nendo
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Konoha Genin Squads
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