Naruto Crushed Dreams
Welcome to Naruto Crushing Dreams. This rpg is a time skip nearly 200 years into the future after naruto and sasuke. We were born to rise or we were born to fall. Inorder for you to know that you must go on in life on this rpg.

Naruto Crushed Dreams

Our heroes have fallen and so have the villians. We are the new era and as the new era will must bring peace to this world, but as for some all you want to do is see the world suffer. You will either follow in the path of darkness or the path of light.
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 Nobelion Clan

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==>Clan information
Name: Nobelion Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Time View
Clan History:

The Nobelion clan are a very rich clan of skileld Ninjas. They started off as only a few petty commoners who, by performing odd jobs and ninja duties. Some of them even had to bribe important figures but they all managed to make thier way up to ANBU in several year. After this thier children also became very talented and were spoiled. Each member of the clan who became Ninjas all made it to at least Chunnin. Those who didn't become Ninjas ended up as Fuedal lords or or Important Figures.

One day the Clan had a Quarrel with other large Succesful Clans like the Uchiha who hounorably gained thier status through pure Work, while many of the original Nobelions had to bribe thier way to fortune. Eventually the Nobelions were oversshadowed by the Uchiha and Hyuga clans as many of thier own members died in Missions. Only very few remain but those who live are still succesful and had thier name changed to avoid being Targeted or Shunned.

Another reason the Nobelion clan grew so great quickly was because of thier Kekkai Genkai, the Time View, which helped solved many mysteries such as Murders and robberys much easier than other clans. This is a reason why many severly untrained Ninja who were home schooled and such made it even to Gennin.

Clan Symbol: A Coin with a 9-point Star inside


Kekkei Genkai: Time View

The Kekkai Genkai changes the users eyes where it is coloured (forgot what that area of the eye is called) to look like space and many stars and planets

The Kekkai Genkai gives the user a choice to have a breif glimpse into the past of whatever he touches while it is active. This is useful for research and detective purposes
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Nobelion Clan
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